FIEE Smart Future (30th Internacional eletric, eletronic, power and automation industry trade show)



FIEE Smart Future

30th Internacional eletric, eletronic, power and automation industry trade show

Date: 23 to 26 July | 2019

13:00 PM – 20:00 PM

Venue: São Paulo Expo

Adress: Rodovia dos Imigrantes, Km 1,5

Água Funda - São Paulo, SP

Sectors present at FIEE Smart Future

FIEE endeavors to promote an encounter between the exhibitors and the most qualified buyers in the industry, aimed at fostering new business, the promotion of technical content and the development of the industry in the country.

Traditionally an event for electrical, electronics, energy and automation sectors, FIEE Smart Future includes advanced manufacturing in this edition, with a focus on technology and connectivity, in order to present integrated solutions to meet the different markets that the event reaches.


Partner Association

Abinee, the Brazilian Electrical and Electronic Industry Association, is a civil entity that represents Brazil's electrical and electronic complex. Its mission is to ensure the competitive development of the sector, the defense of its legitimate interests and integration with the community. The entity acts as a FIEE Smart Future partner, supporting the event with its credibility in the national and international market.


The profile of the visitor


The profile of the visitor-buyer participating in FIEE Smart Future was constructed based on an analysis of our database and market research. Learn about the professionals that you will encounter at the next edition of the trade show:

Objectives of visitors

  • 72% of buyers are looking for innovations and new products in the industry
    New technologies, new processes and innovative and customizable solutions for every need

  • 53% querem fazer networking
    Meeting new people and finding new opportunities is one of the main objectives of visitors at FIEE

  • 47% attend the event to do business
    Buying products and services and meeting with partners and suppliers to personally negotiate new acquisitions

  • 41% of buyers want to increase their technical knowledge
    Lectures, panels, debates, technical demonstrations and sharing experiences with professionals and specialists

Participation in the purchasing process



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