Lesser Heat

Lesser Heat

小    暑

 Lesser Heat is the eleventh solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, it occurs on July 7 or 8 each year when the sun reaches longitude 105°. Shu means heat, while Xiao is an adjective in Chinese indicating the small extent the heat reaches. From the day of the Lesser Heat, the weather gets hotter across China, and crops all over the country grow faster and stronger. The Plum Rain, or “mold rain” season in some parts of southern China, is about to end, while everything under the sun prepares to welcome the hottest summer days. 


This Sunday (7 July ) is Lesser Heat solar term of this year, D-Industrial tips:

1.        Pay attention to adequate hydration when going out

2.        Lesser Heat is not the hottest time of the year, but it indicates that the heat has begun.

3.        Should follow the "less dynamic more static" principle of health, so as to avoid too much Yang qi leakage

4.        Should eat watermelon, cucumber, gourd and mung beans and other food which can remove heat.

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