SF6 Portable Multigas Analyser - G47

The D-Industrial SF6 G47 Portable is designed for controlling and monitoring the quality of SF6 in medium and high voltage gas insulated electrical equipment.

Parameter Advantage Detail


  • Modular design allows for bespoke sensor combination upon request

  • Lithium battery provides up to eight hours of operation

  • Housed within a heavy-duty IP66 case with a total weight of 8.5 kg

  • 7” (180mm) full-colour touch screen interface with soft menu keys

  • Pre-programmed with all current IEC and CIGRE test configurations, with the ability to create customised parameters

  • All data is continuously logged and Excel compatible data can be downloaded via a USB memory stick

  • Operates on any worldwide mains voltage (90-260VAC)

  • Thermal printer provides on-site test results

  • Multi-language (Please contact for details)


The G47 is a battery-powered SF6 multigas analyser capable of measuring multiple gases simultaneously in a rugged and portable case. Depending on the configuration the analyser can measure up to eight parameters including sulphur hexafluoride (0-100% SF6), sulfur dioxide (0-100ppm SO2), dew-point (-65/20°Cdp H2O), carbon tetrafluomethane (0-60% CF4), hydrogen fluoride (0-10ppm HF), air (0-100%), carbon monoxide (0-100ppm) and hydrogen sulphide (0-100ppm). In addition the SF6 compartment gas pressure is displayed on-screen as well as some other selectable parameters. The analyser has a built-in PC and all functions are accessed via a 7” touch screen panel. The analyser will run in continuous or sampling modes where sample gas is drawn into the analyser via a special FEP lined sample hose and DILO couplings. The gases pass through the various sensors and data is processed and displayed on the screen. The analyser is fitted with a printer, alarms, data-logging functions and USB output. The portability of the analyser is achieved by means of a lithium battery pack which can be charged on any worldwide mains power. The unit will run for in excess of eight hours on the battery before recharging is required. The unit will also run directly on mains power while the battery is recharging.