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LabTech Midwest is a unique laboratory solution. We started and continue to be a service organization providing certification of biological safety cabinets, chemical fume hoods, laminar flow devices, clean rooms and related safety devices common to the laboratory. They have grown to become a leading laboratory design firm with a high quality product mix for your next remodeling or new laboratory project.


The ANSI Z9.5 Laboratory Ventilation Standard States:

"The tracer gas containment tests shall be conducted in the ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995<P.S.:the latest standard is ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016 > Method of Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hoods or by a test recognized to be equivalent" (Source: ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-2003 (Sec. 6.3.7))

All new fume hoods shall be evaluated on-site to achieve an acceptable ASHRAE 110 - 1995<P.S.:the latest standard is ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016 > "AI" (As Installed) rating. This is critical for successful containment control. We will work with your team to develop acceptable "AI" ratings for each hood, provide the evaluation and, if necessary, a clear plan for corrective action.

The Commissioning Report includes all ASHRAE 110 Target Test Data vs. Measured Performance. Concerns, if any, are identified during the evaluation and recommended corrective action outlined.
This approach ensures chemical fume hoods and laboratory design work in harmony. The “AI” rating evaluation serves several purposes:

It recognizes that laboratory design factors have a significant impact on chemical fume hood performance

It recognizes that simple changes can positively impact performance

It provides a quantifiable benchmark measurement for each hood

It educates the end user of the operational limits of each hood

It establishes the required recording keeping system for your facility

It educates the end user about fume hood safety and use

Q200 is working in the above picture of fume hood testing.
Please notice,the Q200 in the picture was produced and sold by Uson,now all Q200 business has been transfered to D-Industrial in China. 

Summary for our Ultra High Sensitivity SF6 Trace gas leak detector - Q200, Qualichek 200:

Q200 Features for the above request of ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016,

4.4.1 Yes.And the reading refresh rate is 50Hz and the response time for SF6 is less than 0.5s.
4.4.2 Yes.Q200 H sinter,the range is  0.01-18.00 ppm.
4.4.3 Yes. And sensitivity is 0.01 ppm.
4.4.4 It has RS232 printer connection and it can store 100 readings but it cannot collect the reading automatically, it only shows in screen.
4.4.5 Yes.
Q200 is completely in conformity with ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016 standard for fume hood testing.

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